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Eastland, the first mainland in the world to see the sun enchanting and wild place full of ancient historical tales. Eastland scenery includes misty mountain lakes, farmlands, vineyards, and unchanged beautiful landmarks. It is less explored though a worth journey. Gisborne, the first place that greets the sun produces world-class Chardonnay. Tourists like to explore the diverse scenic highlights as it is a unique mixture of tradition, history and heritage, and natural beauty. Natural water slides of Gisborne offer 60m high pure adrenaline. In Eastland, anyone from beginners to experts can enjoy surfing. Bike ride with family or friends, mountain bike, or biking journey for multiple days are available at Motu Trails. Lake Waikaremoana, a distance of an hour's drive from Wairoa, encourages visitors to get connected with nature. Explore the beauty of nature by walking in the native forest. Enjoy kayaking, fishing, and boating make the most of the New Zealand wilderness. High sunshine hours and relaxed lifestyle of Gisborne attract local and international tourists. Gisborne's unique climate and soil make it a famous wine region of New Zealand. Matawhero, Wrights Vineyard & Winery, Milton, Kirkpatrick Estate Winery,  Longbush, and Huntaway are must-visit wineries. Te Urewera is dwelling to a vast world of stunning forests, lakes, and mountains. Te Urewera has been home to the TÅ«hoe individuals, United Nations agency square measure called the 'Children of the Mist' as a result of they trace their ancestry to Hine-puhoku-rangi - the celestial mist maiden. Alternative highlights square measure the impossibly long wharf at Tolaga Bay, the glorious Tikitiki church, ray feeding at Tatapouri, and sunrise at the East Cape tower.


The most easterly in New Zealand


Watch the sunrise from the east cape Lighthouse, take the Tiniroto road, find tranquillity at lake Waikaremoana, observe from the Kaiti hill lookout, hike, Snorkel and surf and Mahia Peninsula, relax in the Morere hot springs, bike on some of the north island's best trails, walk the longest Wharf in New Zealand, see Maori carvings at the Tikitiki church, hike the spiritual Mt Hikurangi, embrace the kiwi lifestyle by grabbing a board and heading to the beach.


Gisborne Region Maori meeting houses and churches, Mahia Beach, Eastwood Hill Arboretum, Captain Cook's first landfall memorial, Gisborne, Visit to a Gisborne winery, Te Poho o Rawiri Marae, Tolaga Bay Wharf, Tolaga Bay, Lake Waikaremoana, Te Urewera National Park