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Hobbiton Movie Set Farm Tour : World Famous Destination in New Zealand

Hobbiton Movie Set is located on a family run farm about 8 kilometres west of Hinuera and 10 kilometres southwest of Matamata, in Waikato region of New Zealand. The Hobbiton is a well known name all over the world and is New Zealand's must do destination. Hobbiton was a significant location used for the filming of Sir Peter Jackson's movies The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogy.

Sir Peter Jackson first saw this farm during an aerial search in 1998 when he began to look for suitable location for his movie The Lord of the Rings"and he concluded the farm like a slice of ancient England. When Peter Jackson discussed with the owner of the farm Ian Alexander, the owner had no idea about the movie. However, after suitable negotiations he gave them permission to construct a hobbit village on his property.

At the end of the shoot of ''The Lord of the Rings" for the first films, the set was dismantled. But the location became of interest to tourists & the Alexanders started conducting guided tours around the remaining hobbit holes in 2002 and continue to be provided daily.

In 2009, the set was rebuilt for The Hobbit trilogy. But this time, it was done so on the condition it would be permanent. Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world come to Hobbiton for the real middle earth experience, and are delighted to find The Shire really does exist.

Hobbiton Movie set farm tour is a world class destination and can be enjoyed by everyone- locals or tourist, Lord of the Rings fans or non believers. It is very tempting to have photos around 44 hobit holes, arch bridge & party tree. The experienced guide do share many interesting stories & incredible details about filmmaking process.

Hobbiton is open all year round (except Christmas Day), with extended hours in the summer months. It is recommended to book in advance, as tours can sell out at any time of year. Spring is a particularly beautiful season to visit, when the hobbit gardens are in full bloom.

For Adults entree fee for the Hobbiton Movie Set is $79, children aged 9 to 16 for $39.50, and children 8 and under can visit for free, accompanied by an adult. The tour includes a complementary drink at The Green Dragon Inn. There are many tours available from Auckland, Hamilton and Rotorua. However, it is recommended to have transfer sorted to avoid the last minute disappointement.

There are also evening banquet tours and private tours upon request and the Hobbiton set can be hired for events and functions including weddings.

On 22nd September 2016, Hobbiton celebrated International Hobbit Day (and, of course, the birthday of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins) with an inaugural sunrise tour and breakfast birthday banquet, and is planning another exclusive festival for 2017.

Supervan provides transfers for Hobbiton Movie set from Hamilton, Auckland and Rotorua. We can pick you up from your door step and will take you directly to the Hobbiton. It is highly recommended to plan your travel well in advance so as to avoid the last minute disappontment. For more details, please visit or contact us on 0800 777 826.