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Waitomo is a world-famous north island tourist destination and a village of rural community located in Waikato region in the north island of New Zealand. Secrets of caves, underground rivers and sinkholes lies under the green hills of Waitomo. The Waitomo term comes from words Wai (water) and tomo (hole) of Maori language. The place is like heart of the New Zealand where nature, magic and adventure exist all over the place. For both local and overseas tourists, Waitomo is the magnet to explore and natural beauty of limestones. The legend of Waitomo get started with formation of limestone at the undersurface of the ocean, more than 30 million years ago. Raukuri caves, Glow worm caves, and Aranui caves are the main caves of Waitomo. Raukuri is the longest and only wheelchair accessible underground cave in southern hemisphere. Glow warm caves, one of the most magical natural beauty of New Zealand. Thousands of glow warms are part of natural and cultural beauty of Glow warm cave since 125 years. he Pureora Forest Park options nice walking, biking and searching experiences as well as The Timber path cycleway. The quaint city of Piopio conjointly holds its own with nice walking trails and also the latest Middle-earth attractions, furry Feet Waitomo, wherever some scenes from The Hobbit: AN sudden Journey wherever recorded. The Waitomo region also stretched to windswept west coast and the wild seacoast town of Kawhia. It is the region where Moari community landed and the teriffic voyaging Tainui canoe discovered final resting station.


Te Kuiti


Waikato region in the north island of New Zealand


November 12th to April 8th


Enjoy good cafes and walks, experience black water rafting, enjoy water activities like crawl, swim, and float, go exploring on a guided horse trek, visit some New Zealand’s rarest birds, including our national icon, the kiwi, head to Otorohanga Kiwi House, Hunting and fishing

PLACES TO VISIT (Destination/ Attraction)

Waitomo Caves, Mangapohue bridge, Marokopa Falls, Waitomo Museum, Otorohanga, Pureora forest, Caving and Glowworms, Kawhia Hot Water Beach, The Timber Trail, 39 Waitomo Village Road, Hamilton – Waikato,

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